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You are at the main page of Feel Good Erasmus+ Project , Strategic competenecs for Healthcare Professionals, a tool to improve the reciprocal recognition of qualification and thus help people to exercise their right to mobility without losing their competences and experience. 

Feel Good, through its partecipatory and co-planning approach, focuses on a simple  but significant aspect: positive relationship.
The different professions and roles involved in the health and social care sector often have excellent technical knowledge but not always good interpersonal competences: this mismatching causing a lot of problems and more expensive both in terms of subjective well-being and budget.

Feel Good intends to intervene in those areas of competences potencially able to integrate themselves with training and update paths of any professional involved in the health and social care sector, from the physician to the in-home caregiver, the health andsocial care worker and the nurse.
The main objective of project activities will be to provide a concrete response by developing Learning Unit on relationship competences for health and social care professionals.

The project is coufunded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

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Italian presentation  
English presentation  
 Start Date   01/09/2017
 Ending Date   29/02/2020   
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